Hi! I'm Nicole and I'd like to welcome you to Nicole Haldeman Photography. I'm a photographer based in the greater Bay Area and I hope you'll take some time in exploring my website. You may wonder what my favorite part about being a photographer is? Capturing you and your loved one(s) in a moment, right as you are, in the most natural of ways! Posed portraits are nice, but I strive to catch the unexpected, and the little things. Silly faces, belly laughs, tender moments and even those not-so-perfect moments. These are memories you will cherish for years to come, so bring your personalities and let's have some fun!

Top 5 Things You Need To Know About ME!

5. Cookie Monster has nothing on me! Seriously. Don't judge.
4. I once auditioned for the T.V. show "Don't Forget The Lyrics!" I had made it all the way through the grueling 6 hour process, passed the tests with flying colors etc. Then during my audition, when it was time for me to sing, I uh, forgot the lyrics...
3. I live to laugh. A lot. And very loudly as well. I can't help it either. People say they can find me in a crowd based on my laugh alone.
2. I adore my little family of 4 and love being the only lady ;-)

And the number 1 thing you need to know about me:
1. I'm OBSESSED with all reality T.V. Bravo Housewives - bring it! Rachel Zoe - bananas! And of course, I'll secretly live vicariously through American Idol, because this gal (ahem, me) thinks I can belt it out like the pros ;-)

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About Me photo by Katie Baldi Photography http://www.katiebaldiphotography.com